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Farida Fahmy on Dancing with the Milayah

Farida Fahmy, pioneering artist for taking the dance with the Milayah to the theatre stage, talks about dancing with the Milayah. You can download Farida's comprehensive article 'Dancing with the Milayah' - a FREE resource PDF.

Download the article here.

Duration: 3 minutes. Free


Mr Ibrahim Playing Sagat

Cairo's late sagat player for the stars, the infamous Mr Ibrahim in Egypt, 2004. This footage was filmed in Egypt. I hope you enjoy the wonderful sagat skills of our dear old friend, Mr Ibrahim.

Duration: 3 minutes. Free


Astrology, Art & Mythology

Discover the Middle Eastern roots of Astrology & Mythology, and its direct connection to the stellar constellations. Learn how the Zodiac signs have been portrayed in the Arts over the ages, and the purpose they served, relating to the social and cultural beliefs of the time. By Keti Sharif, BA Fine Arts - Middle Eastern Art History.

Duration: 25 minutes. Free


Egypt through the lens of the Elements: Earth

Earth energy is grounding with a profound sense of depth, stability and connection. The Egyptian connection to rhythm, barefoot dancing and deeply connected movement are reflected in the rhythms of Egyptian music. The pulse of the tabla and doholla, immediately connect the dancer to the earth. The grand stone monuments and Pyramids embody the richness of Egypt's earthen landscape, and hold a powerful memory of the country's vast ancient history.

Duration: 7.34 minutes. Free


Egypt through the lens of the Elements: Fire

Fire reaches out and expresses itself powerfully, sharing its warmth and rapture - a source of rich creative impetus. The element of fire features in the Egyptian Moulids (religious festivals) and zaar rituals, as well as the dances of shamadan. Fire in Egypt is used in celebrations and a cleansing, cathartic and facilitates a transformative trance-like experience. Jubilat Sayidi instruments and arghool, with fiery Egyptian string instruments - qanoon and oud, create a passionate respnse in the dancer.

Duration: 7.41 minutes. Free


Egypt through the lens of the Elements: Water

Water element flows sensuously within and around the dance, seamlessly connecting the music and the dancer. The fluidity of movement responds to sensual classical music and emotive baladi styles. A land dependent on the Nile, the people have a deep respect and gratitude for their sacred river, since ancient times. The Water elent is connected to the ebb and flow of tides and of the moon. The sensual instruments of the heart - violin, rababa and accordian, open the heart and allow emotion to flow.

Duration: 7.45 minutes. Free


Egypt through the lens of the Elements: Air

Air uplifts and liberates the dances's movement, with a sense of kinetic lightness. Nimble movement, turns, whirling and floating freedom - whether with veils or the flared whire skirts of the Tanoura, liberates the conscoiusness and uplifts the spirit. The focus on the breath or the quavering mawal - along with traditional woodwind instruments, kawala and nay - elicit a lighness in response for the dancer.

Duration: 7.11 minutes. Free